Confetti Corn Pop Treats


Why are cereal treats one of the best sweet snacks ever? Because they’re basically the easiest thing to make and you typically only need three ingredients. I mean, if Kim Kardashian can make Rice Krispie treats, then anyone can.

Sorry, Kim K.

Once you get the feel for traditional Rice Krispie treats, you can start playing around with mix-ins, or if you’re really feeling adventurous, you can try different cereals. That’s right; back away from the played-out Rice Krispies and embrace the unknown! Grab your favorite box of cereal, and you can experience a whole new world of cereal treat possibilities. Almost any cereal will be delicious when combined with molten marshmallow, except maybe Fiber One or Raisin Bran.

I’ve done a slew of experiments with cereal treats from Frosted Brown Butter Cinnamon Roll Rice Krispie Treats to a Peanut Butter Cocoa Puff Treat Cake. It seems that every time I get about halfway through a box of cereal, the Cereal Treat Demon possesses me, and I simply must morph it into treat-form.

Such was the case with the box of Corn Pops lurking in the pantry. It was a hug box; I’d never get through it on my own. TIME TO MAKE TREATS! *insert super hero theme music*

…I’ve gone from a Cereal Treat Demon to a Cereal Treat Super Hero in less than 5 seconds; talk about working your way up the corporate ladder.

My Confetti Corn Pop Treats work for two reasons. One, the Corn Pops act like jumbo-sized Rice Krispies in the treats. Two, it’s not such a drastic change from a traditional RKT that you’ll upset the diehard traditional RKT lovers, but it does give you a nice crunchy, corny upgrade. And of course, some fun multicolored sprinkles never hurt.

Crispy, chewy, and gooey…you can’t go wrong!

A Few Tips Before You Get Cooking:

  1. The sprinkles are optional. You can also switch them out for non-pareills sprinkles.
  2. I made mine in an 8×8 for big, thick squares, but you can make them thinner in a 9×13.
  3. This is a pretty fool-proof recipe that’s great for beginners, and everybody will love them.
  4. I have made cereal treats with both the large and mini marshmallows, and for whatever reason, large marshmallows work better. They’re chewier, whereas the treats made with minis are dry.


Confetti Corn Pop Treats
By The Smart Cookie Cook


  • 4 tbsp. butter (1/2 a stick)
  • 1 bag large marshmallows
  • 6 ½ cups Corn Pops cereal
  • ½ cup rainbow sprinkles


  1. Measure out the Corn Pops in a large bowl and set aside.
  2. Spray an 8×8 pan with nonstick spray. Set aside.
  3. In a large pot over medium heat, melt the butter. Add the marshmallows and mix continuously until completely smooth and melted.
  4. Remove from heat and fold in the Corn Pops until evenly coated. Gently fold in the sprinkles just until evenly distributed. Pour into the prepared pan. Either spray your hands with nonstick spray or use waxed paper to press the treats down into an even layer. Let cool completely before cutting.

110-Calorie Chocolate Marshmallow Cupcakes

Sometimes, Pinterest is a huge problem. I’ll be sitting and doing work like the diligent college student I am, then all of a sudden, I find myself scrolling through Pinterest. It can be hard to make myself get off. That site is just so crazy addicting, full of brilliant ideas, tantalizing food, and funny cats.

Sometimes though, Pinterest is the solution to a huge problem. Take for example the other day when I was craving something chocolatey for dessert. I was eating relatively healthy that day, and I had no desire to diverge from that in exchange for some thousand-calorie dessert. However, I was sick of my typical low-cal dessert options. In a fit of desperation, I called upon the powers of Pinterest to bestow me with a healthy but delicious treat.

Pinterest, being the gold mine that it is, came through. I discovered a 100-calorie cupcake recipe which was also vegan. Intriguing.

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Seriously Cereal: Lucky Charms is Magically Delicious For All Ages

The frazzled cry of, “They’re after me lucky charms!” still rings in the ears of many American adults. As children, we grew up watching Lucky the Leprechaun endlessly fleeting from greedy children with no sense of boundaries. They were, indeed, ALWAYS after his lucky charms. Poor Lucky never caught a break. Even today, he is still on the run. The children are as determined as ever, in hot pursuit of that colorful, marshmallow-studded cereal. But really, who can blame them?

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Make-Your-Own Halloween Candy Mini Pies

Trick-or-Treating is a really good idea in theory. You get to dress up however you please, portraying an entirely different person/creature/thing for one night, and frolic about the town collecting candies and confections aplenty. It’s a night full of jocular enjoyment, for sure. However, every year, you face that Day-After-Halloween Dilemma when you say, “What the heck am I gonna do with all this candy???” Sure, you can plow through a good portion of it during mindless snacking, but it’s almost inevitable that an unfortunate chunk will get discarded into the depths of the garbage can. That usually happens sometime around Christmas (or for some people, Easter) when you realize how long that candies has been chilling in your pantry and that you’re probably never going to eat it. The Day-After-Halloween Dilemma usually includes a premonition of that very moment.

And it’s not just trick-or-treaters who are susceptible to the Day-After-Halloween Dilemma. Adults everywhere fall victim when they fail to hand out all of the candy they bought for the trick-or-treaters. They have no clue what to do with the leftovers, and a quandary results.

So, how do you avoid this? Well, lucky for you little cookies, I’ve whipped up an easy and DELICIOUS solution! Cue the Make-Your-Own Halloween Candy Mini Pies. These little guys are not only ideal for using up leftover Halloween candies, they are also PERFECT for Halloween parties! You can make the crusts ahead of time then give everyone an assortment of candy to choose from. Your guests can pick out their favorites then fill their own personal mini pie with the candy and marshmallows! It’s fun, customizable, and so yummy!

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Spooky Rice Krispie Treat Halloween Mask!

College poses many obstacles. It tells me, “Hey, write five in-depth, multiple-step essays in 90 minutes for your honors pysch midterm,” and, “Sit through a 3-hour night class where you learn how to use Microsoft Word, even though you learned that in middle school,” then, “Make a two-faced mask out of ‘found materials’ for Art class.”

Wondering what all of this has to do with Halloween or Rice Krispie Treats? Well, I may not be a psychology expert or physically capable of staying awake through three-hour night classes, but I am okay at art. Initially, when my art teacher asked us to make a mask, I wasn’t exactly thrilled. Quickly, however, that feeling diminished as a light bulb illuminated approximately 2 inches above my head. I realized I had an opportunity here to do what I do best: work with food. Dread quickly turned into excitement.

I’ve never sculpted with Rice Krispie Treats nor worked with fondant before this, but I figured I could work it out easily enough using knowledge acquired from religiously watching Food Network (and Cake Boss on TLC). It really wasn’t all that bad. I whipped up some Rice Krispie treats, molded them while the marshmallows were still molten, let it set, frosted it, covered it in fondant, then decorated it. And there you have it: a 100% edible, two-faced Halloween mask!

The Jack-O-Lantern Side.

The Skull Side.

Although I wouldn’t recommend using this for your Halloween costume (unless sticking your face into Rice Krispies is your thing), it would make a welcomed addition to any Halloween party, as well as an awesome centerpiece to a Halloween-themed table-scape. Once you’re done admiring it, you can eat it!

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