DSC_1906-3Colleen Bierstine created The Smart Cookie Cook in July 2011 for one reason: to share her food obsession with the world.

Smart Cookie aims to deliver creative recipes on a daily basis, as well as entertaining videos, smart tips, and helpful how-tos.

Colleen started the Smart Cookie Cook after her family observed her passion for all things food, as well as her knack for making it. They suggested she start a food blog. With their support, Colleen created a place where she could share every delicious bite of life with the world.

Mr. McChip (pictured below) is the Smart Cookie Mascot. He is a literal representation of the site’s name; he’s a smart cookie. The website’s title was chosen to reflect the smart and savvy recipes fueled by creativity. Colleen is always looking for ways to make cooking and baking better; she thrives on taking recipes to the next level. This ambition often results in some seriously awesome food and creative ways for making it.MrMcChip-2

The Smart Cookie Cook is inclusive to meat-eaters, herbivores, and any other eaters out there, offering recipes that everyone can enjoy. You’ll also find a mix of both indulgent recipes and healthy ones because, in today’s world, it’s unrealistic to choose one side of the spectrum.

The Smart Cookie Cook is for anyone who loves food.With a Smart Cookie spin on every recipe, food can be made even more amazing or innovative. Whether you want something sweet, savory, easy, or elaborate, you can find it here. And when you’re in need of inspiration, just ask yourself this:

What would the Smart Cookie cook?

Colleen Bierstine is a 19 year-old public relations intern, chef, and baker. She is currently majoring in public relations and plans on taking the culinary world by storm with her smart cookie style and creativity.

Colleen was born in New Jersey, raised in Pennsylvania, and relocated to her current home in central New York five years ago. From the very start, Colleen was obsessed with food. As she grew up, her infatuation intensified. It was her passion to discover and try every good food she could. Then, as a teenager, she took the spatula in her own hands and dived into cooking and baking.

Colleen taught herself everything, finding her way in the kitchen as she went along. She stands by the belief that one does not need formal training to be an amazing cook. What truly matters is passion, drive, and an ability to learn from inevitable failures. Colleen certainly exhibits all of that.

Cooking and baking is a labor of love for Colleen, one that she hopes to grow into a business. Everyday in the kitchen, she learns more, using her creativity to make every recipe better. She’s a smart cookie who cooks, therefore, she’s the Smart Cookie Cook.

Colleen’s favorite foods include her mother’s Eggplant Parmigiana, pizza, and french fries. On the other hand, she despises cream cheese, and refuses to eat anything that includes it.

Also look out for Reese, Mina, and Mr. Poe, Colleen’s loyal sous chefs. They make many appearances in the Smart Cookie Cook videos._DSC6414_DSC6409-3

Thank You

To my family, who have been nothing but supportive of The Smart Cookie and all of my culinary adventures, thank you. You have always been willing to play the role of taste-testers and #1 fans.

Mother Cookie, you are my rock and my camera-woman, and I couldn’t be more grateful.

A special thank you to my loving grandparents for always, always believing in me & “sponsoring” my site.

19 Comments on “About”

  1. hi coleen….
    thanx for sharing such a great recipes.
    nice to know another person that so passionate about culinary just like i did….

  2. Hello Colleen, I found your blog very interesting and nominate you for the Reality Blog Award, I believe participation is an optional and in case if you are interested pls check http://rabbitcancook.wordpress.com/2012/12/14/reality-blog-award/

  3. Hello
    Thanks for your lovely comment on my little blog. I just thought I would let you know that my blog has moved and is now bighungrygnomes.co.uk. Unfortunately, if you want to remain subscribed to my blog, you will have re-subscribe to this new address. I realise this is a little bit of a nuisance but I would really appreciate your continuing support and interest in my blog

  4. Bella says:

    I think your blog is so fun! :] I love the layout and Mr. McChip. Thanks for providing such awesome recipes!

  5. Hi, I love your blog and I nominated you for both the Versatile blogger and Inspiring Blogger awards! 🙂

    There’s some more info about it on my blog at http://tashainthekitchen.wordpress.com/2012/03/25/versatile-blogger-and-inspiring-blogger-award/

  6. Teju Sayanak says:

    Hello Colleen,

    Lovely blog. It is very impressive. Hope to see you on T.V. someday.

  7. you are simply adorable. so pretty and skinny too! how do you do it with all those yummy treats you are cooking up?

  8. Say, could I e-mail a recipe to you? It’s an old recipe of my mom’s for apple cookies. I’d love for you to try it out and see what you think. 🙂

  9. eva626 says:

    great blog..and your so cute!

  10. ohshineon says:

    this is great and i absolutely love and support your philosophy on food. food is a joy of life and should be celebrated by any and all — it’s meant to be shared by everyone. i look forward to checking out your creative recipes 🙂 if you’re looking for some other forms of inspiration feel free to wander over to my food blog, http://www.ohshineon.wordpress.com/

    my blog gets pretty lonely sometimes and would love the company!

    – katie at http://www.ohshineon.wordpress.com/

  11. Gian Ramos says:

    You look real young but you have an amazing talent!:) I don’t really cook but seeing your yummy recipes, I’m inspired to learn!:) Hope you keep all those delicious recipes comin!:)

  12. Karen says:

    I made your Babci’s Casserole the othe rnight, it was WONDERFUL! Thank you for sharing your recipes.

  13. Ryan Ford says:

    This website is amazing! Great job 🙂 I never knew you had your own cookie business lol
    Well, anyway… i think it’s awesome.

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